Action Creates Clarity – Lets Start Somewhere


“Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable.” – Anonymous

Many of you have been asking when I’ll start writing again. Many of you know I’ve been working on starting something BIG. Well, hi! I’m back, full of fire, and ready to start revealing the amazing irons that are stoking that inferno.

The problem is: I don’t have it completely figured out. And I’m a recovering perfectionist. And having many, many passions that get me super excited can make it hard to decide on a single path to action. I want to change the world. All at once. Right now.

Have you ever experienced that feeling of really wanting something but find yourself sabotaging your efforts to do it? Suddenly housework seems more pressing than writing that blog post, or walking the dog overrides finishing that DIY bathroom project? Or you have so many juicy things to choose from you end up choosing none because you can’t decide?

Here I sit fighting these myself. A fire burns within to create a business that encourages health & wellness; empowers women; creates deep, sacred connection among people; and also provides immense freedom and joy in my life. My intentions are GOOD. My desire is there. I am held back by not being 100% clear on how to get where I want to go and what it will look like or having all the answers before I start, by the fear of not getting it just right the first time around, by the fear of failure. (I know some of you are nodding your head because you speak this language too.)

And it’s not like I haven’t battled this demon before. I’ve learned that it doesn’t NEED to be perfect. It’s not carved in stone. It can and will morph and evolve as we go. In fact, some of my most popular blog posts from my time as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Paraguay ( were those written completely off the cuff with little editing and a free-flow of heart.

Life is messy. We don’t always know what we are doing. But we need to step into it anyway because ACTION CREATES CLARITY. So here I sit writing, not knowing where this will take me but trusting the universe and my incredible tribe will have my back and that as long as I keep stepping forward and showing up, all will reveal itself. IT WILL BE OK and my desire to culivate more love in the world, bring together an amazing tribe of people, and lift up others will show me the way.

The pre-requisite: start somewhere, anywhere. Today I am. What a gift to myself, to those who will find value in the growing community and wisdom of one another, the courage to take that first baby step and be open to possibilities along the way. I invite you to join me – no, US – on this latest adventure.

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