Thanksgiving Gratitude 

Last night while preparing a bucket of tiny carrots dug from the garden, scrubbing each one free of heavy caked-on soil, I had a powerfully Paraguayan moment. I noticed how peaceful I felt squatting there on the stepstool like when I would hand wash my laundry on the porch and be totally lost in the moment thinking of nothing and losing myself in the sounds and smells and heat of my tropical environment, how time stood still, how there was no sign of discontent dunking my hands in the cool muddy water over and over as I expected, no impatience to get the job done so I could speed onto the next thing, in fact I was disappointed when this seemingly mundane task came to an end. It reminded me of that time in life when this was my norm and how much I long for that feeling of pausing again (note to self: you are the boss of your schedule). How it increased my bandwidth to handle challenges, how it allowed space for creativity to bubble up, how it encouraged me to step into my best self. It reminded me the importance of pausing and just being, of finding joy in the little things, of knowing this present moment is all we have, of making room for white space between the doing, of knowing that the pause between the heartbeats is as important as the heartbeat itself. 
Today I am intentionally pausing and pausing often. I will move through the day, giving each action and conversation my most mindful intention. I will hold space in my heart for those who may have lost a loved one and for whom this holiday is no longer the same or for those without family or a place to go. I will not spend energy worrying about everything being just right – everything will be fine because it’s not about the plan. It’s about my people and gratitude. Today I am openly basking in gratitude for these things and more: my wonderful parents for this life, my amazing daughter who gave me the privilege to be her mom, being emotionally and physically close to my family to enjoy them, every person in my life that has helped me grow and learn, a partner who shows up for me in the most beautiful ways, my health and intelligence and creativity and superpowers, the lessons albeit difficult at times that sculpted today’s version of me, my work which I love so much, an interesting life that fills my cup, the awareness to be present, experiences that will never be forgotten and continue revealing their infinite lessons for me long afterward, a caring heart, the occasional overwhelm which reminds me of the depth of passion I hold for this life, traditions not just of pulling out the fancy plates but prioritizing being together, and chocolate. No list is complete without chocolate. 
May you have a day that fills you up. Everyday. 
Love to you ❤️

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