Perspective is everything

Perspective is everything

Your perspective can be your passport or your prison

How you see your world strongly affects your mental health and overall wellbeing.

Every event, every experience provides an opportunity to practice choosing whether we see the opportunity or the challenge, the sunny side or the shadow side.

It can be helpful to remember…
Energy attracts like energy.
What you focus on, grows.
Where you place your attention, expands.

With the corona virus closing schools, businesses, events, cities, and countries, moving people into isolation, it’s perfectly understandable to feel some groundlessness around this. Deep primal feelings can feel overwhelming and it’s very common to be swept away by fear, the unknown, and lack of control.

What do you have 100% control over? Your mindset

How might it feel different if you chose to focus on the opportunity here?

What would opportunity look like to you?

What might be a great outcome of social distancing? Of staying home for 2 weeks?

What action(s) might you take to offer a salve of comfort to others?

I’m already hearing of parents planning games with their home-bound kids, neighbors calling to check on each other, kind volunteers delivering groceries for seniors who are too fragile and afraid to expose themselves, families who opt for a staycation to direct their vacation dollars into their local economy, shoppers buying from local businesses, people returning to music, art, and reading for solace. The list goes on.

Share in the Comments your ways of making the most of today’s situation!

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