Has life thrown you a curve? Or perhaps you’re planning an intentional transition? Ready to reinvent yourself? Trying to figure out just WHO you are now that kids are grown/you’ve retired/gotten divorced? Stuck? Grieving? Spinning your wheels? Ready but undecided how to move forward? Finding yourself suddenly in a place you’d never thought you’d be and have no idea what you want? Wanting to focus on optimal wellness through it all?

Curious how my work might serve you or a loved one? Not sure how it works? Guess what?! I offer 30 minute complimentary discovery calls where you can learn more about what I do, how it might help you, see if we’re a good fit, and go from there. To schedule a call, ask a question, or register for workshops, complete the form below (include your telephone number and time zone).

To join my email tribe, please complete the form below and say Hello! And don’t worry  – I hold your personal information as sacredly as my own and will never sell or share that with anyone nor spam you. Trouble with the form? Email me at info@wendyward.net!

Let’s be friends on Facebook and Instagram!www.instagram.com/theartofvibrantliving

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